So who am I?

They say that we eat with our eyes first. Well, I don’t know who “they” are, but they’re right. There is nothing that I love more than spending a lazy afternoon on the couch perusing the delicious eye-candy in the latest issue of some foodie magazine while the Food Network chatters on in the background. I love being surrounded and tempted by food media. But, more often than not, despite drooling over the luscious ‘liciousness these pro-chefs and home cooks put out, I hardly am brave enough stir something up in my own kitchen. Oh sure, I cook…but not usually anything that would make someone else go gastronomically gaga over. The little blog is my attempt to give myself that extra little nudge from couch-bound hausfrau to brave kitcheneer as I try my spatula at re-creating the tongue-tantalizing tidbits put forth from better cooks than I.

So, who just is this so-called “2D Foodie” you may be asking yourself?

Well, I’d hate to hold you in suspense any longer.10568898_10204694841161870_2722887320379679663_n

I’m a 30-something “admin” and one half (not necessarily the better) of a couple of DINKS. We just purchased our first “real home” a couple of years ago after 8 years of tiny apartment living and we learned that we love to entertain
our friends and family now that we have the room for it. And, God bless them, they let me test out all my culinary escapades on them.

So, thank you for stopping in and please come back now, you hear?

Much love,



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